Hamata Pass

Hampta Pass Trek


One of the Most Dramatic Crossover Treks in the Himalayas

At 14,000 toes Hampta Pass in Himachal Pradesh falls below these rare, dramatic pass by crossings in the Himalayas. On one facet is the lush inexperienced valley of Kullu — with forests, grasslands, and plants blooming on the facet of your trail. On the different is the nearly arid, stark panorama of Lahaul, with barren mountains and nearly no vegetation.

Standing on the pinnacle of the pass, what’s beforehand and in the back of are two specific worlds. It modifications in a count number of minutes.

Simply put, the Hampta Pass is Himachal’s Valley of Flowers. The panorama is strikingly comparable to that of Valley of Flowers – a inexperienced slender valley included via snow-covered mountains – however there’s a bonus here.

Brighu Lake


Bhrigu Lake Trek

he Prettiest Grassland Trek in Himachal

A lot of trekkers do the Bhrigu Lake trek for the lake is steeped in mythology. This trek lies in Himachal Pradesh, round 20 km north of Manali and can be accessed from Gulaba.

It is recognised as the location the place the well-known saint Maharishi Bhrigu sat in deep meditation. However, we agree with the lake is no longer the solely factor the trek has to offer. You should do the Bhrigu Lake trek for its grasslands.

To enter an alpine meadow in our country, one has to regularly spend at least a day or two trekking inside the treeline. We are speakme about two or three days of difficult ascent. This is due to the fact most alpine meadows begin at round 11,000 feet above the treeline.

However, on this trek, you are in the meadows inside the first 10 minutes of this trek! Imagine having meadows such as these proper in your backyard. No marvel we go gaga over landscapes that are viewed in locations like Switzerland.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

The Complete Guide to Pin Parvati Pass Trek
The Pin Parvati Pass is a exciting task for any pro trekker. It’s a lengthy day trip that offers trekkers a huge dose of adventure, splendor and a feel of achievement. The pleasure of traversing a 17,457 toes omit is an journey of a lifetime.

Pin Parvati Pass trek affords the most wonderful traverses, proper from the wooded area and verdant meadows of the Parvati Valley to the Buddhist villages in the Trans-Himalayan place of Spiti. The sharp distinction in landscapes, culture, plant life and fauna will capture you off-guard. Within hours, you’ll stroll from bloodless dry mountain wilderness vicinity of Spiti to the wealthy biodiversity in Parvati Valley.

Pin Babha Pass

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

The Grandest Crossover Trek in Our Country

Pin Bhaba Pass is palms down the most dramatic bypass crossing trek in our country. That is a daring declaration to make. Especially when we have so many omit crossing treks in our country.

But what you see when you stand at the bypass is a testomony to this daring announcement we make.

Once at the omit you see Pin valley under you, in more than a few hues of pink, set amidst the stark and abandoned mountains of Spiti. While in the back of you is the lush inexperienced Bhaba valley. That is when you recognise how magnificent the adjustments in the panorama are.

But it is now not simply on the bypass crossing day that you witness this drama. It begins proper from day one!